System testing tests all types of applications regardless of language (Java, .Net, C, etc.), platform (Business Intelligence - data warehouse, SAP, desktop applications, websites, etc.), or software development method (V-Model, RUP, Agile, etc.)

We are a perfect solution for IT companies - through testing we verify quality of a product before it is delivered to a client.

We are a convenience for customers buying software from third parties. We perform acceptance tests on behalf of the end user. 


We know how difficult it is to determine at the very beginning of cooperation the extent and the price of tests. We therefore offer two promotional packages:

"For a good start" - this offer is addressed to the companies wishing to test small applications or small websites. Within 20 hours of testing we analyze the overall functionality, static performance and interface usability of an application. As a result, we prepare a quality assessment report which includes recommendations (pricing) for further possible tests.

Price - 120 euro

"Test+pricing" - this offer is addressed to the companies wishing to test complex desktop and web applications. Within 40 hours we prepare a comprehensive report on functionality, static performance and interface usability of an application. The offer includes recommendations and pricing for further tests.

Price - 240 euro 


What do we test?

  • desktop apps
  • systems
  • multisystems
  • net solutions
    • websites
    • web apps
    • intranets and extranets
    • web services
    • SAAS - Software As a Service
    • SOA - Service Oriented Architecture
    • cloud apps - Cloud Computing
  • ...and any other software created for web purposes.


We are experienced in most popular programming and scripting languages.

We also test correctness in communication.


We perform the following tests:

1. Functional tests of compliance with requirements and/or best practices

2. Security tests

3. Non-functional tests:

  • usability testing
  • compatibility testing
  • interface testing
  • performance testing
  • load testing
  • overload testing



We hire the best branch specialists whose long-term experience was acquired in both major and minor IT projects.

Prices are competitive in comparison to the software testing market and other outsourcing companies.

We accept both short- and long-term orders.

Using experience and risk-based techniques, we undertake projects which are budget, functionality, and time limited.

We automate everywhere it brings advantages and savings.


Ask about the offer 


Client deliveryapplication/application address, requirements (if specified), and user documentation (if exists). delivery: regular defect reports, test reports, test plan (if required), test cases (if required), and automatic scripts (if required).

Location: provides client-side consulting services and remote tests in its office.