Consulting gives you advice for improving testing in your business.

Due to our long-term experience, we are able to help you in almost all fields of software testing.


1. Process

  • Defining testing process
  • Compatibility between testing and production processes
  • Maturity assessment through audit
  • Process improvement.

2. Automation

  • Where to automate
  • How to automate
  • Automation management
  • Cost optimisation.


3. Tools

  • Choice of an appropriate tool
  • Tool implementation to organization
  • Cost optimisation.

4. Test optimisation

  • Improvement techniques
  • Trainings
  • Services.

5. Change management in IT projects;

6. Risk management

  • Project risk management
  • Product risk management
  • Root cause analysis
  • Crisis management.

7. Graphical interfaces

  • Building useful and accessible interfaces
  • Audit of graphical interfaces.

8. Tenders and procurements

  • We supplement offer competences with Certified Testers and Certified Test Managers (ISEB and ISTQB)
  • We advise you on how to prepare a test offer.

9. Building test teams

  • Recruitment
  • How to build a good test team. cooperates with such international consulting companies as 7N or Ernst & Young. We support their business with our knowledge of software testing.

We advise both big corporations and start-ups.

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