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We change the world gathers the best trainers, coaches and consultants on the Polish software testing market. We deliver high quality services dedicated to software testers, test managers and quality engineers.

What we offer

ISTQB trainings and exams is a pioneer Polish provider of trainings dedicated to software testing professionals. We offer a wide range of courses and workshops, all designed to make testers' work more effective. This includes the ISTQB courses - an international certification standard for software testers that makes up a path outlined below.

  • ISTQB Foundation Level 2.5 days
  • ISTQB Foundation Level Agile Tester 2 days
  • ISTQB Advanced Level - Test Manager 5 days
  • ISTQB Advanced Level - Test Analyst 4 days
  • ISTQB Advanced Level - Technical Test Analyst 3 days

System testing tests all types of applications regardless of language (Java, .Net, C, etc.), platform (Business Intelligence - data warehouse, SAP, desktop applications, websites, etc.), or software development method (V-Model, RUP, Agile, etc.) We are a perfect solution for IT companies - through testing we verify quality of a product before it is delivered to a client. We are a convenience for customers buying software from third parties. We perform acceptance tests on behalf of the end user.


We perform the following tests:

Functional tests of compliance with requirements and/or best practices

Security tests

Non-functional tests:

usability testing, compatibility testing, interface testing, performance testing, load testing and overload testing


We hire the best branch specialists whose long-term experience was acquired in both major and minor IT projects.

Prices are competitive in comparison to the software testing market and other outsourcing companies.

We accept both short- and long-term orders.

Using experience and risk-based techniques, we undertake projects which are budget, functionality, and time limited.

We automate everywhere it brings advantages and savings.

Client delivery: application/application address, requirements (if specified), and user documentation (if exists). delivery: regular defect reports, test reports, test plan (if required), test cases (if required), and automatic scripts (if required).

Location: provides client-side consulting services and remote tests in its office.

Consulting gives you advice for improving testing in your business. Due to our long-term experience, we are able to help you in almost all fields of software testing.


  • Defining testing process
  • Compatibility between testing and production processes
  • Maturity assessment through audit
  • Process improvement


  • Where to automate
  • How to automate
  • Automation management
  • Cost optimisation


  • Choice of an appropriate tool
  • Tool implementation to organization
  • Cost optimisation

Test optimisation

  • Improvement techniques
  • Trainings
  • Services

Change management in IT projects

Risk management

  • Project risk management
  • Product risk management
  • Root cause analysis
  • Crisis management

Graphical interfaces

  • Building useful and accessible interfaces
  • Audit of graphical interfaces

Tenders and procurements

  • We supplement offer competences with Certified Testers and Certified Test Managers (ISEB and ISTQB)
  • We advise you on how to prepare a test offer

Building test teams

  • Recruitment
  • How to build a good test team

Clients trains both testers and testing managers. Our investments cover a wide spectrum of markets including banking and financial services, software, telecommunications, IT and business services, electromechanical manufacturing.

We express our thanks to both the companies for choosing, and the trainees for their active participation.

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